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JP-S62101342-A: Wire shearing device for header patent, JP-S62107190-A: Method of controlling braking point of power door patent, JP-S62109803-A: Method of forming organic thin film patent, JP-S62117684-A: Deposit forming device patent, JP-S62130649-A: Plant extract composition patent, JP-S62150662-A: Normal pressure type fuel cell power generation plant patent, JP-S62160387-A: Wire guide apparatus for opening and closing shaking opening/closing window patent, JP-S62166835-A: Production of frozen cooked food of fish and shellfish patent, JP-S62171386-A: Brightness adjustment system for flat matrix crt patent, JP-S62176004-A: Dielectric porcelain patent, DE-1622635-U: Drehungszaehler fuer garne und zwirne. patent, JP-S621781-A: Solidifying material for soil having high organic content patent, JP-S62179874-A: Welding condition setting device for resistance welding machine patent, JP-S62189600-A: Direction screen controller patent, JP-S62201048-A: Two-phase brushless motor patent, JP-S62203462-A: Color original reader patent, JP-S62203777-A: Fixture continuous binder patent, JP-S62210906-A: Running controller of reaping harvester patent, JP-S62217729-A: Soft decision system patent, JP-S62219400-A: Logical gate train and memory system applying the same patent, JP-S62226134-A: Photochromic optical material patent, JP-S62226617-A: Manufacture of solid electrolytic capacitor patent, JP-S62240798-A: Colored surface structure of aluminum building material patent, JP-S6224495-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S62245021-A: Combustion control device patent, JP-S62251869-A: Document processor patent, JP-S62256915-A: Production of high-tension steel plate patent, JP-S62258030-A: Apparatus for supporting external floor of balcony in foldedpanel roof patent, JP-S62260128-A: Miniature camera patent, JP-S62266856-A: Manufacture of hybrid ic patent, JP-S6227104-A: Treater for log, etc. patent, JP-S62274006-A: Hot hydrostatic pressing method patent, JP-S62276463-A: Immunoassay by latex agglutination method patent, JP-S62279186-A: Half diving type surface sailing ship patent, JP-S62281966-A: Freely implantable durg storage device patent, JP-S62287314-A: Ac power control device patent, JP-S6228998-A: External storage medium for information recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S623551-A: Radiotelephony equipment patent, JP-S6238273-A: Method for washing painting jig patent, JP-S6238634-A: Scramble processing system patent, JP-S6242727-A: Treatment of waste gas patent, JP-S6243215-A: Synchronization detecting circuit containing majority deciding function patent, JP-S6247502-A: Doppler interferometer device patent, JP-S6248212-A: Wiring apparatus patent, JP-S62503109-A: patent, JP-S6251226-A: Polishing method patent, JP-S625307-A: Production of paper frame patent, JP-S6264620-A: Closing type roof structure for automobile patent, JP-S6274942-A: Polypropylene resin composition patent, JP-S6276254-A: Hydrogen occlusion electrode patent, JP-S6283627-A: Digital temperature detector patent, JP-S6285489-A: Method of determining direction of part insertion patent, JP-S6296679-A: State control agent for treating base material and treatmentmethod patent, JP-S6298966-A: Selective optoelectric copier patent, JP-S63105680-A: Human lymphotoxin expression vector, transformed cell produced by using said expression vector and production of lymphotoxin using said cell patent, JP-S63109496-A: Image display control circuit patent, JP-S63112959-A: Low-calorific cereal and preparation thereof patent, JP-S63117357-A: Magneto-optical disk and its manufacture patent, JP-S63121886-A: Active matrix panel patent, JP-S63152078-A: Loading medium managing system for assembled type device patent, JP-S63154625-A: Production of toothache-killing solution and aloe enzyme patent, JP-S63155431-A: Optical pickup patent, JP-S63156646-A: Uniform wall-thickness cutting method in pipe material cutting device patent, JP-S63162238-A: Molding laminated sheet patent, JP-S63165169-A: N-fold mode thermal printer patent, JP-S63166173-A: Connector device patent, JP-S63186092-A: Pipe joint patent, JP-S63195197-A: Flux synthesis of crystal and epitaxy of ktiopo4 same structure solid solution patent, JP-S63195417-A: Resin bearing patent, JP-S63199173-A: Shifting type truck patent, JP-S6320942-A: Voice recognition telephone set patent, JP-S63210377-A: Opening and closing apparatus of article receiving housing patent, JP-S6321752-A: Gas diffusion electrode patent, JP-S63221958-A: Spherical polishing device for columnar member patent, JP-S63224703-A: Membrane separator for component of liquid sample patent, JP-S63230028-A: Method for scattering white ant control agent patent, JP-S63247346-A: Aftertreatment for colored hot dip galvanized material patent, JP-S63253578-A: Reproducing device for optical disk patent, JP-S63262388-A: Controller for passenger conveyor patent, JP-S63265005-A: Cat walk bed construction method patent, JP-S63267693-A: Hanger for l-shaped retaining wall patent, JP-S63278630-A: Forming method for valve sleeve for rotary valve patent, JP-S63292202-A: Device for diagnosing fault of programmable controller patent, JP-S63296506-A: Temperature compensation circuit patent, JP-S63310952-A: Surface hardened copper alloy patent, JP-S63314152-A: Apparatus for casting induction motor rotor patent, JP-S6337159-A: Azo dye patent, JP-S6340892-A: Radiation detector patent, JP-S6347510-A: Snap ring and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S63500997-A: patent, JP-S6354994-A: Treatment of suspension water patent, JP-S635654-A: Subscriber line loop back control system patent, JP-S636218-A: Member mounted to shaft patent, JP-S6362191-A: Discharge lamp lighter patent, JP-S6366202-A: Heparin derivative patent, JP-S636733-A: Image tube with deflection yoke patent, JP-S6377394-A: Commutatorless motor patent, JP-S638392-A: Manufacture of phosphorous acids patent, JP-S6389914-A: Stabilized power unit patent, JP-S6392545-A: Clamp mechanism for workpiece patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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